Just Say YES,

Inner Voice 101

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Learn how using your gut feelings, insights, intuition or hunches can result in positive changes in your life.


Erec Lindberg will teach you the fundamental skills on how to listen to what your inner wisdom has to say.  He will help you to relearn how to trust this voice, even if you have really become gifted at discarding these inner messages. You will discover how to take the actions that your life is craving and ultimately live the life you were always meant to live.


Inner Voice 101

October 3, 2018

Wednesday Evenings 5:30-7:00, PST

Teleclasses will be recorded for students that must miss the scheduled live class.

This teleclass is a prerequisite to future classes.


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Testimonials from Inner Voice 101 participants 


My “AHA” moment was learning I can move forward out of my “this is Impossible” to “this is Possible!”  Taking the Just Say YES, Inner Voice 101 class opened my eyes to how I procrastinate.  I also got clear how my self-doubt  showed up when I start acting on my insights and dreams.  Inner Voice 101 brought clarity to what was real, possible and sitting right in front of me!  By the second class I took action on a business dream I’ve held for over ten years.  This class triggered me to launch my dream and also the insight that it was time to resign as a directory chairman for a state organization.  My life has significantly opened up from acting on my insights!

- RG, Montana


Thank you for teaching the Insight Class. It was the perfect timing for me because of my life events in the past year. Because of the guidance offered by Erec, I was able to document my insights, gut feelings and instincts and to choose the right path for my future. Thank you!!! When does the next class begin?

- KC California


It starts with me.  This was my biggest "aha" moment that I gained from acting on my inner voice.  I have known that I want to grow and develop my business in a new way.  I had made a start a while back, and then life got in the way and that goal was left behind.  By going through Inner Voice 101, I was forced to listen to myself, listen to what I wanted, and document not only my insights on how to proceed but the action steps necessary.  I have had this goal for 5 years and not much has happened.  I now realize that it starts with me.  Nothing different, no new growth, no exciting change is going to occur unless I initiate it.  I know that this is the perfect time in my life to start.  I have begun the steps to educate myself to take this business in a new direction and am excited to see it develop and the new insights that will come from it.  This is a new beginning and it is all starting with me.  Thank you! 

- CL Montana


Even though I have studied in the area of manifestation and intuition, your course opened up new insight and awareness for me.  The act of spending  time each day to document my insights has made a huge difference on the action toward them.  As you said, “Insights not acted upon are worthless.”  My big aha from your course was “document and then ACT.”  Thank you for sharing your gifts! 

- KG, Oregon


During your Inner Voice 101 class, I saw the importance of writing down my insights. I discovered watching and listening for my inner voice actually brought me to the present more and more, instead of thinking about past and future.  During this class, I felt the nudge, pull and shout to start a new business from my home. I acted on it and recently launched my business and am seeing amazing results!  I'm thankful for the learning and tools you gave me through this very important class.  And, it was fun! 

THANK YOU!  And, I can't wait to see what's next from you!

- GH, Montana


I think that my biggest aha moment from taking the class was the realization that my insights and inner voice are much more powerful and true than I've given them credit for in the past.  I think that realization hit home in the dealings I had in family meetings while home in Montana and I feel more confident when I hear them now and will give them more credence in moving forward in my life.   Thanks Erec for your time and efforts in connecting and encouraging me along the way!

- RT, New Mexico











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