Examples from my life...


#1 My horse was moving forward at a smooth gallop.  I was focused only on staying out of trouble with the other horses and contestants around me.  As I rounded the corner at the end of the arena suddenly everything stood still, frozen in the moment.  I saw familiar faces seated in the stands directly in front of me and then up from inside came the whisper that I had won the class.  The next thing I became aware of was my horse still loping along having made the turn; by now I was already at the other end of the arena.  It seemed inconceivable that half way through the class I was being given a heads up that I had beaten fifty-four other contestants, many of whom were professional horse trainers.  I felt electricity on the hair on the back of my neck and a chill come up from inside right before they announced I was the winner.


The first level of insight starts with being aware of: gut feelings, intuition, insights and hunches.  Learning to act on these is important preparation to becoming aware of one’s inner voice.   


#2 I was working at the desk in my New York home office when an insightful nudge came up to buy my friend’s GMC Yukon that was in Montana.  I was so startled that I said out loud to the wall in front of me, “I don’t need a car and haven’t needed one in the fifteen years I’ve lived in New York City.”  Then I got still and stopped negating this seemly outlandish insight. 


Afterwards, I got up from my desk and I walked the two blocks to my bank, filled out the paperwork for a car loan and within two hours was notified I had been approved. 


One year later a Montana property showed up on my radar.  I could see why I had the insight to buy the Yukon since this property would require a four-wheel drive in the winter months.


The second stage of insight (inner sight) is connected to what I call one’s inner voice.  It is the whisper of the soul coming from within each of us. 


#3 I share in my first book, Just Say YES, personal stories of ways I have acted on my insights and inner voice throughout the past forty-five years.  Though I became aware of my inner voice in my early teens, the defining moment that catapulted me to fully choose to act on it happened when I walked down the sidewalk at 9:48 AM on my way to class on the second day of winter quarter, my sophomore year of college. 


Suddenly, my inner voice pushed me to quit my classes and ski for the rest of the college quarter!  This whisper from my soul was pushing me to reject everything my parents, upbringing and schooling had taught about following the rules. It was a defining moment in my life that brought a fork in the road for how I would make all future decisions.  I feel this whisper of truth is the most valuable asset we own and each of us has this whispered nudging on a daily basis.


When we gain confidence in trusting and acting on our inner voice, the third stage is becoming aware of the higher assistance that is surrounding each of us on a daily basis. 


#4 I spent the last nine months in 2016 living in semi-seclusion to finish my second book, The Whisper to Create, in which I offer many personal stories and material on the importance of being aware of the higher assistance around each of us.  I share the skill one gains in acting on one’s insights and inner voice, are the necessary preparation for becoming aware of one’s higher assistance.


An example of my higher assistance happened while I was riding a green-broke colt.  The noise of gravel crunching under a car tire had scared my colt, and he was at a full run when he tried to turn on the frozen ground and his feet slipped out from under him.  He went down flat on his side, catching my right lower leg and foot under him.  In the next moment he lunged upward with his front feet struggling to stand up which threw me backward out of the saddle onto the ground.  Suddenly, I was hanging upside down with my upper back and shoulders touching the frozen grass as my right foot jerked upward, caught in the saddle stirrup as my colt lurched up onto his hind feet. 


I am shocked and suddenly engulfed in fear when I realized my rubber boot is locked in the leather stirrup of my saddle.  Everything had happened so fast that I did not have time to realize that now I was going to be drug to death at fifteen years old. As he started to run, I could feel the motion of his hind legs next to my left ribcage; then I felt something release my foot and I dropped away from my running colt.  I would later describe it as a strong energy that released my foot.  Today, I know it was my higher assistance once again helping me with living my life.  


These three progressions in awareness, from the basics of acting on our insights, hunches, gut feelings and intuition are a necessary preparation for us to connect with the whisper of our soul through our inner voice, which then prepares us to be aware of the higher assistance surrounding each of us.  This powerful elevator ride in consciousness offers a heightened view for proceeding forward to create a life we want to live. 


Each of these three stages is ultimately preparing us to connect with what is lying in our mind’s eye.  In my second book The Whisper to Create to be published in August of 2018, I offer personal stories and material of the importance on honoring our higher assistance and the importance of holding the frequency of what is lying in our mind’s eye. 


Whether you are someone who feels that you have everything dialed in or someone who does not have a clue of the next step to take to start creating a life that is a fit, it can be a powerful jump start to one’s life to finally realize that the answers are not outside of you. 


If reading this material has resonated within you, I encourage you to sign up for my blog and look at my upcoming class schedule or call me for a free coaching consultation.  It might be time to invest in connecting with the voice within and let this personal upgrade be an exciting catapult for living your life.

copyright 2017 Erec Lindberg

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