Erec Lindberg is a visionary who shares a message that transforms lives.


He inspires people to access their insights and the infinite power of their inner voice, which enables them to move forward in their life fearlessly.


He is a person who shares powerful stories as examples from his life. 


He is living life fully and authentically with a fearless approach surrounded by humor and lightness.


Erec spent the last nine months of 2016 in semi-seclusion finishing his second book The Whisper to Create based on the higher assistance surrounding each of us.  His first book Just Say YES raises awareness to the voice within each of us.


Prior to his giving workshops, speaking, writing newspaper columns, blogging, teleclasses, personal coaching and authoring two books, he was a premed major, business owner in Montana and New York City, pursued a career singing TV commercials and was ranked in the top riders in the country with horses.


Erec believes our inner voice is the most valuable asset we possess. He continues to remind us our insights are the signposts for living our life forward, guiding each of us to become who we came here to be. 


Personal Testimony


“For much of my life, I was taught to defer to others instead of to trust my own inner knowing.  After suffering the consequences of not being true to who I am, I determined to finally put myself in the driver’s seat of my own life.  Shortly after I made that important decision, I met Erec Lindberg.  His inner voice work meetings have changed how I think, how I make decisions, and how I lead myself into the life I have always imagined.  Immediately after the first work meeting, I said to a friend who had accompanied me, “That man is going to change our lives!”  And… he absolutely has!”

- SC, Oregon