Do you have areas in your life that you feel you desire to make changes in but find yourself avoiding them?  Do you need support in stepping into the life you know you were always meant to live? 


If you feel stuck or confused on how to move towards greater fulfillment in your life, I invite you to consider working with me as your insight coach. 


I hold an innate belief that acting on one’s insight is the most valuable skill one can acquire in one’s lifetime.


Most of us were not taught the importance of insight in school or in the home.


Working with me, Erec Lindberg, as your coach, you will learn how to navigate and grow as you hear, trust and act on what your unique inner voice is nudging you to do. 


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You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!


Not sure if you are ready?  That’s OK, it’s your journey!  I’d like to share a story from my life that might help you in your decision today.

It was a cold February day, many years ago, when I walked into the Barneys Store at 61st and Madison Avenue in New York City and saw they had a sale going on.  Their regular prices are so high that they have been known to give nosebleeds to shoppers.


As I was thumbing through the sales racks, I came across a pair of dress slacks in a beautiful bubble gum pink color.  I felt a deep pull from the core of me to purchase them.  Then I saw the price tag!  Their original price was $720 and they were now on sale for the “screaming discounted price” of $370!  My thinking mind, wallet and credit cards were in full resistance to the sale price, but I could feel a KNOWING pull from inside not to leave the store without them. 


Several years ago I had been invited to a July wedding ceremony to be held in front of the fountain at Lincoln Center, on the Upper Westside of Manhattan.  I could feel my insight pushing me to wear the bubble gum slacks.  I had been planning to wear a white suit. 


I finally gave into the insight to wear the pink dress slacks.  I wore a dark navy Chinese jacket, similar to a regular blazer but different in that it had a high Mandarin collar.  By the way, the day I bought this coat, I also pointed out several amazing pieces of clothing to the actress, Susan Sarandon, and her friend who were also shopping in the store at the time.  I felt like a true New Yorker because I was very relaxed as I led them through the store and pointed out some amazing items on sale. At the end of helping them I turned to Susan and said, “I love your work.”  She smiled and thanked me and I walked away.  There was no fawning, gushing or excessive talking, just a brief non-invasive New York acknowledgment.


Back to the wedding outfit: bubble gum pink pants, handmade sandals (I qualify them because I described these in one of the stories in my book JUST SAY YES) and a chartreuse colored Chinese, short-sleeved shirt also with Mandarin collar.


At the dinner after the ceremony I heard there was a man from Seattle who had done extensive sailing.  I could feel an insight pushing me to go over and introduce myself.  I assumed it was because there were a number of years that I wanted to have a world-cruising sailboat.


During our conversation, he shared with me that he had been a medical doctor in Seattle.  He and his kids built a sailboat and sailed it all over the area.  He told me that he had always had a dream of sailing around the world.  He ended up getting divorced and by this time his kids were out of college, so he decided if he was ever going to go, it had to be now.  He sold his practice, bought a boat and for five years sailed by himself throughout the world.


Then he floored me when he said, “I wish that I had the inner confidence that you have, Erec, so I could wear the amazing outfit that you are wearing today.”  Here was a man who had lived through storms, dealt with sharks, loneliness, and numerous dangerous situations at sea all by himself.  He was attractive, confident, educated, in a wonderful relationship with a beautiful woman he loved, and he was even willing to be vulnerable enough to share this level of self-honesty with me.


The “screaming deal of the discounted price” of $370 for the bubble gum slacks all those years earlier, that my thinking mind and wallet had been in full resistance to me purchasing, were the pants used by my insight as a message to both this man and myself!  Our insights will assist us in honoring our truth and letting that be our message to the world when we are strong enough to let ourselves be who we are.


The day of the wedding I did not do anything more than honor the insightful nudge to wear this outfit.  I had not worn these clothes in several years.


Remember, Your Life Lived Is Your Life Message!  In the case of these pants, just being strong enough to act on my insight was a message to this world traveler.


Now ask yourself.  Are you ready to work one-on-one with me to gain more skill in hearing, trusting and acting on your own insights? 


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Here is what other’s who have been coached have to say about their experiences.


     Erec lives at the frontier of Who He Is.  For over sixteen years, we have cajoled, celebrated, coached, enjoyed, pushed and supported each other within the moving boundaries of our shared inner knowing.  Growing ever deeper in self-awareness, Erec utilizes the emotional energies within all of us, together with his dogged determination, to live at the front edge of his life curve. Living and leading daily from his inner knowing, Erec is a role model for those who seek to do the same.

     - AMR, Canada


     Erec reconnected with me on a dark snowy night.  He heard his inner voice tell him to get in touch with me, even though we had not seen each other for years.  I was in the middle of a terrible breakdown in my marriage and without any means of supporting myself. Erec coached me through this dark night of the soul, not only to get through the divorce, but to create a home-based business that has successfully supported me for the past 18 years. Erec is in touch with what works and doesn’t work for people; he is filled with insight and is very motivating.  He is absolutely committed and will go the distance with anyone who is willing to do the work.  He is wildly funny, entertaining and easy to work with, but he will hold your feet to the fire.  So, be prepared for the transformation of your life!  

     - GH, Montana


     "Erec has gifted me with his incredible insights and wisdom over the years that always seems based on both his life experience and a strong intuitive knowing.  He connects heart to heart with people and cares deeply about anyone who enters his life, knowing that soul connections are never to be taken lightly.  He cherishes people on a soul level and has an amazing ability to listen and then offer life-changing advice.

     I highly recommend Erec as a coach for anyone who is ready for transformation and wanting to connect with their purpose and passion in life.”

     - MM, Colorado


     “Erec, you are a ‘Way-Shower.’  I have been profoundly changed by your meaningful insight and fresh perspective.  You always push me to look at a problem differently, or approach an obstacle from a new source.  You listen with rap attention, and then deliver your insights with resounding honesty.  You remind me of Who I Am, what I am made of… and often, where I’m going, even when I think I’ve lost my way.  You are an inspiration to me as I am sure you are with other clients; I never cease to learn from you.  I love the way you move through the world.  You are unique and wonderful guide with a gift and a desire to help others realize their dreams. 

     - DA, New York


     Erec Lindberg’s ability to guide me to connect with my own inner voice has been such a gift.  I have been so fortunate to have access to his coaching, as he has helped me through a variety of life challenges over the years.  When I’ve shared my issues with him, he has always been able to swiftly cut through my words and hear my deeper purpose and journey.  He has a powerful way to help me see what is under my issues, which shifts my focus toward moving through my struggles.  I feel so grounded and centered when we are done working together.  When I align with my inner voice I become clear on what direction my life is moving towards.

     - KG, Oregon


     Working with Erec has been an inspirational process for me.  With Erec’s guidance and insight, I have enjoyed the process of expanding my consciousness to gain deeper wisdom.  Erec has a way of lightening any conversation with the gentle reminder not to take life too seriously!  Life’s a game played by my rules!  It can be fun!  He is  joy to work with, but work you will; so first ask yourself what you are willing to invest in yourself!

     - JVB, Michigan

What if you became the person you always felt you were meant to be?

What if you take the next step?

What is possible for you?

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