Accountability Pods

A major problem that blocks people from creating their dream, launching a project, starting a business or jump-starting some area of their life, is that they have not set up a team-structured-support, around themselves.  This structured-support is a game changer for accomplishing your project or goal!  


Successful people have a team holding them accountable: to create a weekly momentum, pushing them to action, inspiring and assisting them to create new ideas, helping them create new and expand current skills and to support them in a focused weekly action.


The vast majority don’t feel they can afford to hire a team-of-people or even a private coach. I have created a solution to bring you a structure-of-support that I call Accountability Pods. With this support you can launch, create and build your projects, goals and dreams. 


Accountability Pods consist of four people, on a conference call teleclass format, one hour a week, four weeks a month. Everyone will be working with me, one-on-one, as their accountability partner.


Each participant will have a 15-minute segment (of the 60 minute call) working with me one-on-one to create a structure-of-support around you.  As we put this in place, you will be better prepared to create specific actions for the upcoming seven days.  I will partner to guide and hold you accountable on anything you want to focus your efforts.  Each person in a Pod of four will learn from hearing the other participant’s sessions.  


If you feel this is a level of weekly support that you want, then I encourage you to book the Accountability Pod teleclass that fits your schedule before it fills.  With only four people in a Pod per day, this offer has a limited enrollment.  


This is your summer to have supported action on goals, projects and dreams at a level that you may have never received before now. 

The cost to participate in one of these Accountability Pods is $39 for four weeks of support.  I chose this price in order to make these Pods available to everyone.


Again, I encourage you to sign up for the day and time you want before these Pods of four people are filled.  Simply fill out the form to the right and let me know which group you would like to enroll into.


I look forward to working with you and am fully committed to bring my skill as The Insight Specialist to support you on a weekly basis!  


October Accountability Schedule

Select the group that works best for you and

fill out the blue form to the right with your selection.

I will contact you to to complete your enrollment.

All times listed are in Pacific Standard Time,

so please convert them to your time zone.


Group A - Monday (Starting on October 1) - 6 to 7 PM

Group B - Tuesday (Starting on October 2) - 6 to 7 PM

Group C - Saturday (Starting on August 4) - 10 to 11 AM

$39 - One meeting each week for one month










If you have three people plus yourself who want to work together we can look at setting up additional time slots.    

Early Bird
(Special ends Wed., Sept. 26 at midnight)

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