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The Toe Hold

Have you ever watched TV coverage of mountain climbers as they are free-climbing with no ropes for security? I sit glued to the TV screen with my butt cheeks clinched and in adrenaline-laced confusion of why anyone would be drawn to scale sheer, steep rock faces without protection and apparently with no fear.

As I watch them climb, I have trouble distinguishing any handhold to grasp or toehold to place one’s foot. The outer appearances from my perspective seem impossible yet they continue climbing upward.

Most of us have moments during our day when we have doubts of how to proceed in some area of our lives. These daily uncertainties seem opposed to the process climbers exhibit when summiting the face of a mountain where obstacle and difficulty appear to inspire instead of hinder them.

As I proceed with a writing career, I hear comments such as, “most writers don’t make a living from their writing and less and less people are reading books.” I feel these stated obstacles are in line with the impediments a free climber faces before and during their assent up the rock face.

Wherever one is at this moment in one’s life, fulfilled or unfulfilled, excited or disappointed, overwhelmed or bored there is a toe or handhold within reach. One always has an insight equal to the free climbing process that is accompanied with where to grasp one’s next handhold. One’s insights are energetic lifelines for climbing upward toward one’s chosen summit.

Take a moment and look at where you are avoiding or fighting your life – the sheer rock face that has you too scared to place your foot or hand to make a solid move forward.

Like the free climber moves upward with apparently no fear, one’s perceived obstacles are actually the doorways forward in one’s life. The obstacle also contains the hand and toeholds.

It may appear scary to work in the unknown and unfamiliar but like every rock face, it is where creativity begins. It starts now right where you are this very moment.

For me it is not whether many writers make a living writing. The mountain I’m pulled to scale is strictly based on the insight of each handhold.

The rock face that I am placing directly in front of the reader is the question of what do you need to summit in the coming months that will open up your life? How will moving beyond the obstacle change your life?

There is a spiritual teaching that says: Life does not limit you! Opulence does not limit you! Love does not limit you! It is the perfect time to trust your free-climbing knowingness forward.

Your insight is equal to the latest climbing gear. It is the ultimate guidance system to incorporate in your life experience. It adds no weight to your pack and can be implemented immediately for your next handhold.

One’s insight is the unseen toehold!

By Erec Lindberg

I love hearing your stories! When have you had trouble finding your toehold as you acted on your insights? What sheer rock walls are sitting in your way right now? Please feel free to comment in the conversation below or share this blog post with anyone you feel would benefit from it.

Everyone who leaves a comment will be entered into a monthly drawing. If you happen to share a story about how you acted on your inner voice, you will get your name added in the hat twice.

What do you win? One lucky winner each month will receive a free coaching call on anything you want to work on.

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