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Between You and Eighty

I’ve just done the math and it’s fifteen and a half years until I’m eighty! This life accounting is a startling wakeup call! It’s an implosion carrying a mule kick to action with glaring microscopic clarity.

The coming fifteen years can be a lengthy, stimulating period if I act on each of the insightful nudges connected to my goals and desires between now and the big 0.

If I continue forward in the same unconscious patterns and keep negating my insights to pursue my interests by sitting down in front of the TV or kidding myself that running errands is still more important than acting on my dreams, then the coming years will quickly pass me by.

I now treat this “life window” as if suddenly notified a wild fire is heading for my home. I’m immediately aware of truths I’ve shoved under the rug: fear of the expense of yet again upgrading my vehicle before I’m too old to drive, embracing a deep need to raise funds for a once a year cruise, tackle my desire to have a home with enough bedrooms to host a continual stream of people who are important to me, commit to only focus on projects that inspire.

These desires voiced, a bartender’s “last call” but in this case my last call to take important heart felt actions in this lifetime.

Readers in their forties aren’t off the hook. I started acting on my insight to write at forty-five. I’ve already had nineteen years honoring last call.

My pivotal action has been to hire people to assist and motivate me to pursue my interests. I know the importance of setting a stimulating presence around me so I can take action between now and when they throw me in the box.

Athletes require coaches but many of us haven’t known how to invest in ourselves by hiring someone to coach our interests. We keep working in a vacuum of recurring memory.

For several years I’ve been nudged to write a newspaper column though I could not conceive doing this. I finally wrote my first practice column. I was scared the entire two weeks I worked on it. Thank God for my writing coach. I’d have thrown in the towel if I’d been working on my own. When the piece was finished I looked at the results and heard myself say, “I can do this.” I’m not saying this will be easy or that I even have a clue of how to write a column but with my writing coach I can keep getting better. My goal is to create a backlog of thirty stand-alone-columns before approaching a publication.

I am going to stretch the-livin-day-lights out of the years between now and eighty by pushing myself past my comfort zone in a thousand different ways. I’ll surround myself with personal coaches and teachers so I can make these fifteen years equal to a century!

By Erec Lindberg

I love hearing your stories! What do you desire to accomplish between now and 80? Please feel free to comment in the conversation below or share this blog post with anyone you feel would benefit from it.

Everyone who leaves a comment will be entered into a monthly drawing. If you happen to share a story about how you acted on your inner voice, you will get your name added in the hat twice.

What do you win? One lucky winner each month will receive a free coaching call on anything you want to work on.

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