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If We Could Explain

When I was in my teens, I had a window of success competing on the show circuit with my Quarter Horses. Back then, I used to wish that I could explain to my horse which reining pattern we were about to run, so that he could have a flawless go. My life since has not had a horse as a variable for creating a successful run in designing my future. It has been strictly on my shoulders, fully an in-house job with no other hand authoring my life performance. No animal hindering me from my visions. I have been a person who has pursued every interest that I have ever had, to the point of quenching my thirst in the experience. As the years passed, I came to recognize these pursuits fell into two categories. The first category was to gain physical (surface level) skill in activities such as: shooting at the trap club so I would be perceived interesting, reaching a high proficiency on my roller blades allowing me to shop on Madison Avenue in New York City wearing my skates, fly-fishing because I felt cool, water skiing at night to fit in, scuba diving to talk about it, sailing in storms to look bold, roping a calf in a few seconds to stroke my ego. My skill in these physical pursuits was for attention or justifying that they made me well rounded or for the short-lived joy of the experience. At some point, each of these pursuits always reached a point of boredom and had to be replaced. The second category was the pursuit of interests tied to inner-directed motivation, rooted in the whisper of my soul. These soul-directed activities were not about the success of the run or attention. They were major stepping-stone learnings on my life path, the pull to gain skill with my singing voice, which turned out not to be about career but instead my life preparation. Snow skiing caused me to take an important fork in my life path that enabled me to connect with the voice inside. The purchase and renovation of my 1912 train station allowed me to tap into talents and personal expression and ended my need to use my lifestyle as my identity. The journey of these whisper-of-my-soul experiences, is where I fought and slayed my inner demons, overcame the outer appearance obstacles and directly connected to my soul contract of what I came here to do in this lifetime. Today with only so much time available, it is the inner directed experiences that I choose to pursue. The wish I held in my youth to have a flawless run on my horse was tied to a surface identity, not to the experiences rooted in the whisper of my soul. Acting on one’s inner whisper is never about being able to explain ahead of time how to be better prepared to participate in life.

By Erec Lindberg

I love hearing your stories! What would you describe as a flawless run from past experiences rooted in the whisper of your inner voice? Please feel free to comment in the conversation below or share this blog post with anyone you feel would benefit from it.

Everyone who leaves a comment will be entered into a monthly drawing. If you happen to share a story about how you acted on your inner voice, you will get your name added in the hat twice.

What do you win? One lucky winner each month will receive a free coaching call on anything you want to work on.

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