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What Have You Been Preparing For?

We all have segments in our lives which hold specific learnings. Many times these segments-of-preparation are stages of personal development which increase our skills for something specific in the future.

For me, an example of one of these segments-of-preparation took place in my last six years of living in New York City when I was pulled to increase my computer skills. Up to this point I had always resisted delving into computer technology. I did it but always dragging my feet.

A beautiful Apple super store opened eight blocks from my apartment. A friend nudged me to change to Apple although my PC was working fine. For the next six years and two Apple laptop upgrades, I was steadily pulled to increase my proficiency. Most weeks I would walk the eight blocks to work with the Apple support staff three times a week. I got to know the top trainers and many of the staff on a first name basis.

My insight here is that this computer assistance was in place specifically for this segment of my life. It was part of my higher assistance preparing me for a skill level needed in my future. If I had not honored the insightful nudge from my friend to switch to the Apple laptop, I would have missed an important life preparation being put in place that would greatly aid my future writing career.

Having been gone from New York for three years, I have recently completed another segment-in-time preparation where I spent nine months living in semi-seclusion as I finished writing my second book. My New York computer training was clearly a precursor to allow me this level of writing immersion, alone, in a remote location.

I encourage one to reflect on the numerous segments-of-time with specific preparations tied to one’s own life path. One may notice that some segments are directly related to the pursuit of an activity or sport. Other segments are launching pads helping one prepare for a goal, desire or dream that will unfold or be revealed in one’s future.

Ask yourself various ways that you effortlessly help others? Review skills you have acquired that developed out of specific projects. Make a list of previous segments-of-time that contained specific learning.

It may be of great value to ask oneself, if there is specific knowledge lying dormant from these previous segments of preparation. One must never underestimate the vast life preparation that has brought one to the present moment. One may be primed and prepared to creatively work in the unknown using wisdom that was put in place years earlier.

Boldly take oneself in hand and ask what out of the box preparation is in place to launch oneself at this moment in time? Write down insights and strongly investigate them. We are always on the brink of experiencing more than we have imagined.

By Erec Lindberg

I love hearing your stories! What segment-of-time can you draw from today that would give great value to your life? Please feel free to comment in the conversation below or share this blog post with anyone you feel would benefit from it.

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