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I grew up in rural Montana where anyone could say they were a farmer or cattle rancher. There is no college degree or approval required for choosing this vocation.

All of these self-proclaimed stockmen and women had their own views on the breed of cattle they raised. Each farmer had specific reasons for the crops they planted.

Every individual had their own way of running their business. Ranches and farms ranged from small places to big operations with thousands of acres. There was a wide disparity in the physical set up of each operation, which ran the gamut of rundown buildings, corrals and equipment, to fancy show places with the latest technology. The only thing that was necessary was proving their vision and dream to themselves. There was no guarantee or security of yearly income or career success.

So why aren’t we just as bold with creating futures in the things that interest us but do not fall into the normal career labels?

More than few people have called me an “insight specialist.” Though I didn’t know it when I was young, I have always had an interest and sense of trusting and acting on my insights. When I went to college they did not have Insight Specialist as a career choice or any curriculum to guide me in developing this innate gift. It was many decades later before I realized I could claim insight specialist just as people chose to be ranchers or farmers. I only had to prove it to myself.

There is an ever-growing percentage of our population who are unfulfilled in the work place. I have close friends who continually express that they hate their jobs, and it makes no difference if they have a high salary.

No matter who or what you are, what place you may be in from a growth standpoint in your life, if you feel unfulfilled in the work place it may be time to upgrade a passion to a “priority status,” your own self-proclaimed version of rancher or farmer.

The distinction is to create a priority out of something that is important to you at this point in your life. Setting it apart. Moving it ahead of your mundane responsibilities. The transition of a specific interest into a priority brings a personal shift. It takes time and constant vigilance to continue to hold its upgraded position. Creating a priority can jumpstart your life!

You at any age can make this life-changing upgrade. You do not need approval. Trust yourself as you develop this interest in new ways. Document your insights resulting from working with this chosen priority. Trust yourself to invest in this endeavor outside the box. Hire people to coach, teach, encourage and push you.

You may find that you are now developing an innate gift. Your priority may be the activation to create a new career path and open doors for others in the future.

Reading this blog may trigger a need to rearrange your priorities. I encourage you to consider enrolling in one of my upcoming classes, which could definitely speed up your process.

Enroll in either ‘Just Say YES, Inner Voice 101’ or ‘Create Your Best Year, 2018’ at a significant discount if you order before December 25. Check out all of the details on the CLASSES link at the top of this page or go to my website,

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