Erec sets the stage right from the start of his second book, The Whisper to Create, with a powerful example of higher assistance that takes the reader on an adventurous expedition, both in and beyond the physical plane. 


He shares two events that take place in a 24-hour window tied to a family adoption and a husband and wife from Georgia who walk into his life.  He uses these events to illustrate we each have learnings tied to our soul contracts that we chose to experience in this lifetime. 


The center thread of The Whisper to Create is Erec’s ringside seat view of higher assistance taking place on his trip of taking his first book on a 'Crossing America Tour.'


He shares personal experiences from his cross-country excursion that inspire, bring tears and trigger deep laughter through his honest story telling that we have come to know as both his signature and immense gift as a writer. 


Erec divulges in The Whisper to Create that he never planned to offer a peek into the rich and famous of his New York catering clients nor imagined that he would end up sharing a brief window from his own Eat, Pray, Love journey in his second book.


Erec’s message of combining insight, the whisper of inner voice and one’s higher assistance opens the door to reveal the importance of what is lying in one’s mind’s eye.      


Though The Whisper to Create is scheduled to release in August of 2018, Erec is currently using this material in his tele-classes and personal coaching.